Terrazzo Floors
Resinous Epoxy Terrazzo
Cement Terrazzo Placement and Refinishing
Resinous Epoxy Terrazzo, Cement Terrazzo Placement and Refinishing

  • Terrazzo has one of the longest life cycle benefits of any flooring surface today.
  • Provides a unique aesthetic commercial design with virtually endless creative options
Resinous Floors
Epoxy Overlayments
Resinous Floor Coating Systems
Epoxy Overlayments, Urethane overlayments, Coating Systems, Corrosion Protection

  • High strength epoxy and urethane mortar and coating systems offer quick ready for use finished surfaces.
  • Durable, chemical resistant systems for operations in the industrial & pharmaceutical sector.
Cementitious Overlayments
Commercial & Industrial Cementitious Overlayment
Commercial and industrial self-leveling toppings and underlayments. Pigmented and stained floor toppings, polished concrete surfaces and floor toppings.

  • Superior bonding capabilities to existing slabs requiring concrete repair.
  • Thinner applications, which offer much greater strength than traditional concrete caps & gypsum toppings.
Complete Floor Restoration
Complete Floor Restoration
Grind, dye and polish existing floors.

  • Maximizes the durability of old or newly placed concrete floors.
  • Wide array of formulated color applications to enhance dull surfaces.